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Light is the recurrent theme of his paintings that, placed in the center of the composition, „opens a window to eternity and attracts any regard.”

„I would like to transmit the harmony, the confidence, the interior joy.”

István Thuronyi’s last expositions represent the emblem of his artistic and spiritual development in the last fifty years. During this time he has created more than two thousand paintings. In his last creative period his paintings have turned into a more symbolic character: the light, the divine light that comes true his paintings and often attracts the receptive regard to a bright spot. His compositions depose a strict order based on the perfect biblical number, seven. His shapes and colors are simple, everything is transparent. His substantial world becomes dematerialized by his perfect blue. He always hopes to express the beauty desired by his audience. He takes great delight in the testimonies of his audience: the visitor’s book is fulfilled by expressions like „peace”, „light”, „spirituality”, „beauty”, „presence divine”.

His artistic style was influenced by Rouault, Léger, Chagall, Turner and Hungarian expressionist painters beyond the cubism.

In christian life everything is controlled by love: morality and esthetics. Love is looking for beauty, believes in goodness, lives in the light of justice, receives the Holy Spirit who lightens our mind, guide and purify our regard, and rules our acts. If I give myself to this love, a real piece of art can born on my easel, from a white canvas.